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We’ve seen clients getting 15,000 new unique clicks to their sites and connecting with up to 5000 new potential clients on LinkedIn.

During The LinkedIn Authority Accelerator Masterclass you'll learn how to...

1. Discover, define and refine your personal and company brands to attract the highest possible quality prospects and new clients to increase your reach and establish amazing, authentic new relationships.
2. Optimize your profile(s), the right way so that you and your brand stand OUT from the crowd.
3. Grow your network by adding tens of thousands of new leads, new opportunities and new business month after month.
4. Create compelling content to engage with your audience and keep them wanting more and more of what you're delivering.
5. We'll show you how to leverage that same content to create more chances for you to grow your reach and your connections!
And a whole lot more...

If You're Tired of feeling like you’re wasting time & energy on your LinkedIn “strategy” that isn’t generating any REAL results... The LinkedIn Authority Masterclass is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level!

What if you could...

Become a social selling POWERHOUSE with a fully booked calendar without spending a single dollar on advertising.

Add thousands of unique visitors to your site each and every week.

Grow your reach and influence to attract more speaking engagements, high-level interviews, book deals and more.

It's all possible when you join The LinkedIn Authority Accelerator Masterclass!

LinkedIn has over 600+ MILLION members, 30 million pages and 50,000 skills... However, very few training programs focus on the one thing that truly matters…human connections. At StandOut Authority we believe there is no B2C or B2B... Only H2H (Human to Human) Connections.

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This is the very last time this powerful, business-changing Masterclass will be held LIVE. As StandOut Authority grows by leaps and bounds, Joshua's time is being taken by new speaking engagements, new client work and helping grow the business even more.

If you want to learn these techniques and methods live and in person, ask any and all questions you might have about how to implement them and learn it all straight from the horse's mouth... this is your chance to make it all happen.

For the kind of specialized training and closely guarded secrets that have brought our clients the results you've just read about, we could easily charge $10,000 or more for a seat at the Masterclass table. But here at StandOut Authority we truly believe in delivering the MOST value for your time and money.

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 The LinkedIn Authority Accelerator Masterclass kicks off on March 2nd and we'd love to see you there! 
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